Princeton Green Branding

We are a boutique, 21st-century branding agency.

Princeton Green Branding focuses on building your branding platform in order to sell the most books. It’s not enough to publish a book, one must be able to sell them, too. Otherwise, the author will spend countless hours writing and creating their book, only have it to be a cathartic experience for the author, as too few people are reading their precious work. Having a great book and branding platform are essential to establishing a solid foundation for the growth of your success.


We are experts in building your personal brand.

Building your personal brand, establishing you as an expert in your area of work, is essential to having a prosperous career writing and speaking. We work in partnership with UnFOLD Creative Agency, building the branding platforms for our authors and speakers. We focus on building the brands of authors on book sites, foremost being Amazon; whereas UnFOLD focuses on building the brands of our authors and speakers outside of book sites.

Brand Image Design:

We help to define and create your personal brand image. Who are you? What makes you special? What differentiates you? What is your purpose? Who are your ideal audiences? These are the types of questions we address when establishing your brand.


We craft your bio so it clearly speaks to your relevant audiences.

Author & Speaker Web sites:

We can build your Web site efficiently and effectively.

Social Media:

We work closely with you to determine which social networking site  best suit you. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, InstaGram, Reddit, and others, are essential to building your brand. Once defined, we can set up (and manage) the various networking accounts on your behalf.

Amazon Author Page:

Utilizing your bio, we set up your Amazon author page so prospective readers better understand who you are, and the messages your espouse.