Princeton Green Branding

Leverage our 21st-century branding agency.

Princeton Green Branding helps you build your branding platform to sell the most books. Avoid the trap of spending countless hours writing, only to have just a few people read your precious work. It’s not enough to publish a book; you must be able to sell it too. Your success depends on having a powerful branding platform upon which to market your high-quality, professionally edited book.

We can help you build your personal brand.

Your personal brand establishes you as an expert in your field. This is essential to having a prosperous career in writing and speaking. We work in partnership with UnFOLD Creative Agency, building the branding platforms for our authors and speakers. We build the brands of authors on book sites, mainly Amazon; UnFOLD works outside these book sites and turns authors into speakers and media personalities.


Brand Image Design:

Who are you? What makes you special? What differentiates you? What is your purpose? Who are your ideal audiences? These are the types of questions we address when establishing your brand.



We craft your biography so that it speaks clearly to your relevant audiences.


Author and Speaker Web sites:

We can build your Web site efficiently, effectively, and affordably.


Social Media:

We work closely with you to determine which social networking sites best suit you. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Reddit, and others are essential to building your brand. Once these are defined, we can set up, and possibly manage, the various networking accounts on your behalf.


Amazon Author Page:

Using your biography, we set up your Amazon author page so that prospective readers better understand both you and your messages.


Let’s begin building your brand. We invite you to contact us today.