Princeton Green Speaking

We are a boutique, 21st-century speakers bureau.

Princeton Green Speakers Bureau consists of speakers who are authors who are focused on serving others in their personal transformation, traversing to 21st century living. All of our speakers our experts in their areas of writing, and are able to inspire audiences with fresh ideas, beliefs & perspectives. The best speakers are able to be a catalyst of inspiration for people to take action.

The spoken word holds the power to awaken a culture.

The art of speaking carries with it a lot of power, especially when it’s inspirationally and spiritually focused. Our world is constantly changing, and the ability to deal with change is to be able to understand the difference between what is truth and what is illusion. The truth is we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Therefore, we are infinite. When people discover their bravery in escaping the illusion of scarcity and limitation, a whole new world opens up to them. This is what we mean by “stepping into the 21st century.”


Business Speakers:

We speak with enterprises, awakening their cultures through discovery, inspiration, and creativity. A vision of hope emerges, empowering each person to contribute to the enterprise through their own personal transformation.

Campus/University Speakers:

We speak with college students, educating them about becoming eXpansive entrepreneurs, following their hearts, passions and visions for a better world.

Metaphysical & Spiritual Speakers:

We speak with metaphysical and spiritual communities, inspiring with new ideas for personal transformation.

Radio Interviews:

All of our speakers are available (at no cost) for radio interviews focused on topics that relate to their book(s).