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Are you ready to be speaking in front of audiences?

Are you ready to become an engaging speaker?

Many successful authors have a speaking platform, which helps to facilitate speaking engagements that support their book’s message. Conventions, Corporate Meetings, Schools, Associations, and other events are in need of engaging speakers to address their audiences. Is this your next step in the expansion of yourself and your work?

Join our 21st-century speakers bureau.

Princeton Green Speakers Bureau provides speakers who are authors serving others in their personal transformation, traversing to 21st-century living. All our speakers are experts in their areas of writing and can inspire audiences with fresh ideas, beliefs, and perspectives.

We can help you become a successful speaker.

The spoken word holds the power to awaken a culture. As we step powerfully into the 21st century, we need to own that our world is constantly changing. Dealing gracefully with change depends on our ability to distinguish between truth and illusion. Therefore, we offer speakers who are spiritually authentic as well as inspirational—they “get real” and are catalysts to action. Our speakers help brave people escape the illusion of scarcity and limitation, opening a whole new world. Imagine being, or hiring, a speaker who creates that kind of awakening in a business or community.

Business Speakers:

We speak with companies, awakening their cultures through discovery, inspiration, and creativity. A vision of hope emerges, empowering each person to contribute to the enterprise through their own personal transformation.

Campus/University Speakers:

The Millennial generation lives in a special place in our hearts, and we in turn love to open dialogues with today’s young people. We speak with college students, educating them about becoming eXpansive entrepreneurs by following their hearts, passions, and visions for a better world.

Metaphysical and Spiritual Speakers:

We speak with metaphysical and spiritual communities, infusing them with new ideas for personal transformation.

Radio Interviews:

All of our speakers are available free of cost for radio interviews focused on topics relevant to their books.

Let’s begin building your speaking career. We invite you to contact us today.