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Up Close and Personal

Elizabeth Ely is Editorial Director of Princeton Green Publishing.

Beth takes great pride in connecting people with ideas — your ideas, new-paradigm, 21st-century ideas. Her first assignment was to edit a newly revised edition of Ann Emerson and Bo Lockwood’s excellent guide to 21st-century living, ESSENCE.

“Helping authors polish their beautiful writing about vital ideas is the dream of a lifetime,” she says. “So many ideas go unheard because of unprofessional presentation and lack of attention to promotion, and I am committed to helping every author communicate their passion and their greatness.”

Beth’s career has spanned Dallas and New York City in legal assisting, freelance writing, alternative-health Podcasting, public/media relations, and financial editing.

Beth holds a master’s degree in journalism, allowing her to indulge her curiosity about the world. In 2016, she returned to her hometown on the shore of Lake Huron, where she is a fourth-generation member of a small, post-industrial community moving surprisingly rapidly into 21st-century ideas of economy, spirituality, and culture.

Bo Lockwood is Publisher of Princeton Green Publishing. 

Bo LockwoodBo’s own challenging journey to awaken his sleeping Soul inspired him to found Princeton Green Publishing with the mission of serving humanity in the kind of regeneration that the 21st century is requiring of all of us. Bo’s eXpansive awareness enables him to see through the veil of illusion, discovering his truth, finding his voice, and regenerating his life in a very meaningful way.

He co-authored with Peter van Geldern their own first book, Regenerating America, in October 2013. He is also co-authoring with Ann Emerson, Alyona Bauer, and Hala G. Stephan, the ESSENCE Trilogy Book Serieslaunching July 11th, 2017.

There’s no better way to spread transformational change than through written and spoken words,” he says. “I follow my heart and trust my intuition. I resonate with those who are taking inspired action, carrying out their piece of the Divine plan.”

For more information or to engage this dynamic entrepreneur for inspirational speeches, please visit his personal website:

Peter van Geldern is Director of UnFOLD Talent Agency.

Peter van GeldernPeter is the director of UnFOLD Creative Agency, which works with Princeton Green Publishing to build branding platforms and providing marketing services for authors and speakers.

As a serial entrepreneur, Peter has started and run several businesses such as Idea Agents, an innovation agency; Synergy Group, a new media and event production company; Eco Smart Homes LLC, a green home design/build firm; and Peace University, an online education portal — to name but a few.

With over 25 years of experience in innovation and design, Peter has become a multidisciplinary leader in fields such as event production, documentary filmmaking, intellectual property, startup incubation, investor relations, branding, Web and graphic design, social media marketing, strategic business planning, the green building and energy efficiency industry, building information modeling and integrated design, town planning and project pitching, community-supported agriculture, and cause-based organizational development.

“I was born on December 31, 1964, in the evening,” Peter says. “This makes me one of the last of the baby boomers.” This unique position has prompted him to dedicate his design and marketing skills toward transitioning our post-consumer society into a more just and sustainable way of functioning.

He leads the Shades of Green Network in spearheading that mission by creating a meeting place on the Web and in person for leading green professionals to network and create deal flow, access investment and funding sources, and offer human resources for growing green companies which, when combined, stimulate the new green economy. In addition to leading the community within, he encourages the next generation of innovative designers in his positions as a high school teacher in fine and digital arts at Bridgeport International Academy and a professor at the University of Bridgeport.

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