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Publishing Your Books: Are you ready to express yourself?

Are You Ready to Express Your Self?

Do you have a message that needs to make its way throughout the World? Is there a book inside of you that needs to come out? Have you already written a draft of your book, and don’t know how to go about editing, publishing, branding, marketing, and promoting it? Are you a changemaker seeking to bring about positive change in the World? If so, then we may be able to collaborate.

We are your boutique, 21st-century publisher.

Why write a book that doesn’t sell?! Most traditional publishers concentrate only on publishing books, leaving much of the responsibility for publicity up to the author. Worse, the new, “assisted-publishing” houses typically leave you completely on your own in getting your book noticed. What differentiates us from these other publishers, both traditional and assisted, is our ability to promote our authors. We fully support you in marketing your books.

Further, we specialize in publishing authors presenting fresh, 21st-century perspectives. We can put that passion into building your brand platform, supporting and inspiring you as you broadcast your message throughout the world.

We collaborate with our authors and speakers.

Princeton Green Publishing (PGP) is not just a publishing business but a place to collaborate. Working together with PGP, you can easily access tools, quality printing, booksellers, ebook distribution, and marketing strategies to generate more opportunities than you imagined—all while building your following of readers. We represent authors and speakers who are seeking to help our 21st-century global community transition to a new earthly existence filled with much more love, joy, freedom, abundance, and peace.

In addition to working with authors who desire to publish through the PGP imprint, we also collaborate with writers who desire to remain “indie” authors, publishing through their own imprint. The difference is simply that we manage the Amazon and Kindle accounts of PGP authors for them, whereas indie authors manage their own accounts.

Princeton Green Publishing

We can support you in . . .


We offer advising support in the development of your manuscript. Having a fresh perspective may help your writing process considerably.


Not really a professional writer but have a passion to bring your ideas to the marketplace? A ghostwriter is a person hired to author books, manuscripts, screenplays, speeches, articles, songs, blog posts, stories, reports, white papers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person. We can write your story, autobiography, or memoir for you—but with that unique voice that is you.


A polished book requires multiple rounds of editing. With our Editing Package, we will provide up to four rounds of editing focused on strengthening both the content and technical elements of your manuscript. Please contact us through this site to receive information about our Editing Package.

Layout and Design:

Having a professional-looking book is as important as the writing itself. We can design both the interior format of your book and a book cover that sells.

Amazon and Kindle:

We can format your books for publishing both Amazon print books and Kindle ebooks.

Other Booksellers:

We can format your books for publishing with other booksellers, including Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

Book Promotions:

We can help with your book promotions, growing your fan base utilizing the latest online tools.

Branding Platform:

Every successful author has a solid branding platform from which they operate. This includes having a professional website, social media presence, Amazon author page, and videos. We work in partnership with UnFOLD Creative Agency to build branding platforms for our authors and speakers.

Marketing Efforts:

The harsh reality is that writing a great book and building a solid branding platform aren’t enough. The book and platform are merely the launchpad for the rocket to take off. Our collaboration with UnFOLD Creative Agency integrates the marketing efforts that will fuel the sales of your books so that your message gets spread far and wide.

Let’s begin the publishing adventure. We invite you to contact us today.