We are building the 21st century to thrive.

princetongreen.org is a multi-faceted organization, all focused on one purpose: building the 21st century to thrive. It’s time the mass consciousness shift out of a story of fear, scarcity and chaos, to a new story of freedom, abundance and peace.

We collaborate with authors and speakers who are light-workers, serving their life’s purpose of creating positive change in the world. Our organization is focused on providing authors & speakers a multitude of publishing, speaking and branding services. It’s not enough to simply publish books; one must also know how to sell them. We focus on both, and we focus on you.


We are a boutique, 21st-century publisher.

Princeton Green Publishing has as our singular genre of focus: the 21st century, as this is where humanity needs to traverse. We collaborate with authors & speakers, building the 21st century to thrive.

Our authors are visionaries and speakers, inspiring readers & audiences with fresh ideas, beliefs & perspectives. Together, we build their brand platform, supporting and inspiring them in broadcasting their message throughout the world.


We are a boutique, 21st-century speakers bureau.

Princeton Green Speakers Bureau consists of speakers who are authors of Princeton Green Publishing; all of whom are focused on serving others in their personal transformation, traversing to 21st century living.

All of our speakers our experts in their areas of writing, and able able to inspire audiences with fresh ideas, beliefs & perspectives.


We are a boutique, 21st-century branding agency.

Princeton Green Branding focuses on building your branding platform in order to sell the most books. It’s not enough to publish a book, one must be able to sell them, too. Otherwise, the author will spend countless hours writing and creating their book, only have it to be a cathartic experience for the author, as too few people are reading their precious work.


We are a boutique, 21st-century marketing agency.

Princeton Green Marketing adds fuels to the fire. Having a great book and a solid branding platform are essential, yet, if left alone, will soon become a beautiful billboard in the desert, attracting very little noticeability. Consistent, concise and effective messaging must pervade the marketplace. Check out our pipeline of book launches…